I grew up in Northeast Arkansas in a household where my mom listened to Frank Sanatra, Elvis Presley and Tom Jones. I would get into my dad truck and he would be listening to Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Sr and John Conley, I'd walk into my sisters room and she would be listening to Prince and The Time...

My music is influenced by each one of these iconic greats, I loved the story telling of country, and the sexy nature of Elvis and the timeless Frank but I really enjoyed the beat of R&B and motown music, You will hear all of them in my music as you listen.

My inspiration comes from many things...people, heart break, joy, all kinds of experiences and challenges. I always try to see the best in each situation and use it to learn something to make me better.

I aspire to inspire others to be the best the van be! We must surround ourselves with people who celebrate us not tolerate us!

Never give up! Live your dream! Dream BIG!


Photographer: David Mulnar

Musician: T Sha Music and Productions LLC.

Album:"All about the music"  2015